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Swag Review — The Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2

Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2, best sneaker, best workout sneaker, best training sneakerNike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2, best sneaker, best workout sneaker, best training sneaker

Nike is KILLING it with training shoes for women and I got the chance to test out their new Air Zoom Agility Fit 2 during one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done: Tone House NYC.

Tone House is a sports performance based workout focusing on speed, power, explosiveness and reactivity (and it’s performed on turf). When you’re simulating the way the pros train, one thing is constant: you’ve always got to be on your toes and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Compared to earlier generations of the Zoom Agility this model provides more structural support not found in the Flyknit version. Their traction and durability holds up well against the sudden transitions, change of direction and plyometrics demanded by the Tone House workout; and are strong enough to take on intense workouts on a variety of different terrains. There are five hexagonal pods that are meant to provide responsive, low profile cushioning which could be better when it comes to pushing and pulling sleds.

Overall, I give the Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2 a 4.0/5.

If the pods could help generate more force (think cleat-like) I would own a pair in every color. I had minor discomfort in the toe region while sprinting and feel like there should be more support in that area to prevent your feet from sliding forward.

But unlike earlier models, this version gave me better overall support. In my opinion The Air Zoom Fit Agility 2 is the best shoe on the market currently to train in while on the turf.

Verdict — GET ‘EM. $129

What color will you rock?


Nike Air Zoom Fit Agility 2, best sneaker, best workout sneaker, best training sneaker

**This article is not sponsored by Nike, I just happen to own a bunch of Zoom Agility trainers.

Tamara Pridgett

Tamara Pridgett

In a past life I was an All-Academic, All-American sprinter at The University of Arizona. I sporadically moved to NYC to pursue everything my heart desired and haven't looked back.

When I'm not coaching at Tone House NYC I'm drinking an iced green tea latte and obsessing over couture fashion brands like Balmain or writing my emotions away!
Tamara Pridgett
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