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About Lean It UP


According to the wonderful Merriam-Webster, “lean” is defined as:

lean [leen]

adj. lean·erlean·est

1. Containing little or no fat.

2. (of persons or animals) having no surplus flesh or bulk; not fat or plump; thin


And that’s exactly what we’re all about — INCINERATING FAT while developing toned-up, fresh new slabs of muscle.

Lean It UP  is a community that provides information pertaining to fitness, nutrition, weight-loss, supplements, and health that aims to streamline the journey to a LEAN, fat-free, rock solid physique. Beyond that, it’s all about promoting superior health and well-being in the long run.

Lean It UP  is run by Owner and Chief Editor, Bryan DiSanto — an NYU alum, certified personal trainer, and sports nutritionist with more than 6 years of fitness experience. You can find his full bio here.

Here at Lean It UP we’d like to help YOU cut out 90% of the unnecessary, extremely frustrating failure that most people experience, and instead adapt tried-and-tested principles to quickly sculpt the perfect, leaned up body in the most efficient way possible.

We currently break down into 7 different sections, all of which play integral roles in the body transformation process:


Apple-iconDiet It UP

Diet and nutritional tactics designed to improve health and maximize muscle synthesis/fat incineration. It may get science-y….FOR SCIENCE!


weights-icon-128Muscle It UP

Workout routines and exercises hand-picked to spark rapid muscle growth and increase strength.


glossy-burning-fire-flameBurn It UP

Cardio and weight-lifting regimens engineered to pump fat-burning up to its highest level.


supplements_weightmanagement1 (1)Supp It UP

Expert reviews and recommendations—all 100% grounded in science, research, and experience—for supplements that can turbocharge your results. Reviews are never sponsored and are solely based on my own, unbiased opinion.


Capture-300x245Health It UP

Health and wellness tips to promote strength and longevity. When it’s all said and done, fitness and nutrition are ultimately all about developing superior health.


1217194Gear It UP

The latest workout equipment, apparel, and technology to increase performance, enhance comfort, and complement your intense workout routines.


Beats-studio6Pump It UP

Music to motivate, fuel, and pump up your fat-blasting workouts.


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