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Lean It Up is one of the top fitness, nutrition, health, and food resources on the web, with access to an engaged, fitness-hungry community. We currently help approximately 1 million individuals per month globally (and growing!), with an international reach ranging from the US and Canada to Australia, China, and India.

We influence people across all phases of the fitness lifecycle — from complete newbies, stay-at-home moms, and casual 9-to-5er’s to hypercompetitive athletes, bodybuilders, and CrossFit connoisseurs — who are intellectually curious, driven to make BIG change, and relentless about taking steps to improve their health and physique.

We’re excited to work with you — let’s get started.

Contact: Advertise (at) LeanItUP (dot) com


Write for Us

Are you a freelance writer, personal trainer, yogi, health-conscious weirdo, professional smoothie mixologist, or all of the above? We’d LOVE to have you and your unique PoV on the team.

If you think you’re game, please shoot a brief email with your resume and a short blurb about why you’re Lean It UP material to the following address:

Contact: Authors (at) LeanItUP (dot) com


General Inquiries, Product Testing, Etc.

For anything else imaginable — including product testing and reviews, partnerships, writing opportunities, and others — please reach out to:

Contact: BryanD (at) LeanItUP (dot) com


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