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Snapfit — Your Newest Source Of Fitness Motivation, Via Snapchat [News]

Snapfit, Snapchat fitness

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We all use Snapchat for different reasons: those not so cute selfies, your delicious looking breakfast, or a quick video of your friends doing something silly. Once in a while, you even get one from ‘Team Snapchat’ with a message from their iconic ghost logo. And while some companies and brands have used Snapchat as a marketing tool and a way to advertise, the Austrialian Institute of Fitness will be using it in a more motivational and inspirational way. They are the first fitness brand on Snapchat, and will be releasing their new tool: Snapfit.

The institute will launch ‘Snapfit’ on May 5th — an account that will allow you to receive encouraging, inspirational Snapchats right on your phone. The types of pictures and videos that users will receive will range from motivational photos, to accountability and ambition-driven images, to a behind-the-scenes look at the Australian Institute of Fitness. This gives Snapfit an opportunity to engage with their audience on a different platform, in a completely new, one-on-one experience.

“Fitness hashtags and selfies already dominate social media, so we see a fantastic opportunity for the Institute to bring this fitness theme over to Snapchat and be first in this space.” — Sam Mutimer, Director at ThinkTank Social 

Sean Cosgrove, sales and marketing manager at AIF, wants the targeted Gen-Y to know that ‘they get it,’ and are looking to offer a new way for users to stay engaged, entertained and motivated — all while possibly providing a fitness-infused adrenaline rush for their users. Until its May 5th launch, when you can starting getting their snaps, you can participate in their ‘Five Days of Fit Scribbles’; a competition developed by the social media firm ThinkTankSocial.

Snapchat also made a few updates to their app as a whole, really putting the chat into Snapchat by adding a text messaging feature. They also added what they call ‘Here,’ so you can see which of your friends are online, send them a message, or hop into an ongoing video chat.

Interested? Snapchat is available for free from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Julie Fine

Julie Fine

Content Specialist at Lean It Up
Julie Fine is an AFAA-CGF, Beachbody INSANITY Coach, former chunky gal, 110% pure fitness junkie and an SEC-lovin' sorority girl at the University of Missouri.

When she isn't spending her extra time as a campus tour guide (Go Tigers!), she's probably scrounging around the aisles of Barnes & Noble or doing some impulse online shopping.
Julie Fine
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