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A Gym For Your Brain? UMiami Debuts BrainHQ — So That Your Noggin Can Lift Weights, Too [News]

Image: BrainHQ

When we think about taking care of our bodies and working on our fitness, we often think of anything that keeps us moving. Between using our heart for intense cardiovascular activity, and mobilizing every muscle in the body for weight-lifting, we are always finding new ways to become stronger — physically.

But what about your brain? It’s extremely important too, and it needs exercise. Especially as we age. Maintaining efficient brain function and processing means challenging it, just as you would with any other muscle in the body.

Enter The Brain Fitness Pavilion — a new facility on the University of Miami’s medical campus that offers comprehensive cognitive programs, neuropsychological assessments, assessments of everyday living skills, and the most popular feature: BrainHQ. Think Lumosity, but taken to a higher level. BrainHQ is the first online brain training program to be considered by the FDA for use as a medical device.1 

Image: SmartPlanet

Whether you’re in school or out in the workforce, the types of challenges that BrainHQ offers are important for anyone to challenge their mind with. Skills range from traditional areas like reaction time (where milliseconds make the difference), attention, and memory, to more social areas like people skills and navigation. Combined, they can help strengthen your noggin in different ways; challenging it and helping expand its neural pathways through repetition. Think reps just as you would do them in a set of bicep curls. Constant training puts tension on the brain and challenges it to adapt and grow.

“The brain is like a muscle that is built not by lifting one-pound weights but more and more weights, and now we know that everything changes your brain.” Dr. Phillip Harvey, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

The new facility at the University of Miami is used by both individuals looking to sharpen their cognitive skills and also as a rehabilitation center for patients who have suffered injuries to the brain. But you don’t have to fly down to Miami and use their facility to work on problem solving, memory and other brain functions.

You can use BrainHQ in your own home through a membership, or try out a few of their free exercises. Check out Lumosity, too. It’s available in the app store for use on your mobile phone or desktop, and it’s free.

You wouldn’t skip leg day — don’t skip your brain workout, either.

Julie Fine

Content Specialist at Lean It Up
Julie Fine is an AFAA-CGF, Beachbody INSANITY Coach, former chunky gal, 110% pure fitness junkie and an SEC-lovin' sorority girl at the University of Missouri.

When she isn't spending her extra time as a campus tour guide (Go Tigers!), she's probably scrounging around the aisles of Barnes & Noble or doing some impulse online shopping.
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  • Joshua Nackenson

    seeing as I go to the university of miami miler school of medicine, i’m not quite sure how I didn’t hear about this. very cool nonetheless