Simple hack to STICK TO ANY GOAL using a rubber band

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     Victor Mathieux 

    A couple years ago I launched a goal-setting app called Everest and a lot of you guys on here liked it, so I’m back to share something new (full-disclosure: I AM sharing a product but also have a useful hack you can use regardless):

    One day, I realized that despite having 3 reminders set on my phone to “do pushups & take vitamins,” I STILL WASN’T DOING IT. So I did a little brainstorming and came up with a simple idea:

    1. I chose a goal I could do every day (e.g. push-ups, vitamins, gratitude, meditation, floss, etc…)
    2. I wore a rubber band on my right wrist to remind myself to do your goal (makes it impossible to forget since you see it all day)
    This gives you a daily goal to get the rubber band from your right wrist to your left wrist and the only time you’re allowed to switch it is AFTER YOU DO YOUR DAILY GOAL (pushups, meditation, etc…)

    This ended up being very effective for me (I’ve done morning push-ups for 235 days in a row, I track it in a notebook) that I became tired of wearing a rubber band every day and decided to create a nicer version of the same concept. I called it a FLIP BAND and just launched my first kickstarter for it today.

    Here’s a link if you’re interested (the video is pretty fun I think):

    If you’re not interested in a product, that’s fine, just try doing this with a rubber band — I’m telling you, it sounds silly but it works. It serves as a trigger for your habit and gives you positive reinforcement which will strengthen the likeliness of sticking to your goal.

    I originally had no intention of turning this into a product but after seeing how effective it was for a few of my friends (close to 20 now), I thought “heck, why not?” So here I am, launching a Kickstarter, and sharing it with you folks!

    If you like it, share it. If you have feedback or criticism, leave a comment and we can have a discussion.

    Have an awesome 2015 :) And remember… a year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Love the idea, best of luck with the Kickstarter campaign. The world needs way more simplicity…I’m all for this.

    Would love to see more color options in the future.


    Just watched your kickstarter video and since I’ve done something similar with a bracelet, I’m really excited about this as well. :) Looks really cool and I too would love it if it came in more colors in the future.

     Victor Mathieux 

    Thanks guys! If the kickstarter can reach $30,000 then I’ll be offering it in WHITE (which looks really sleek).

    What other colors would you guys like to see??

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Personally, black and blue on opposite sides. Lean It UP colors :).

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