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     Ross LeMere 

    Couple questions Brian:

    1. I am currently following the workout you posted recently that mimics yours (we’ve already chatted about it).  My question is, on the off days, is it still good to eat just like you would on a regular day?  Does that include protein shakes/smoothies too?
    2. Over the past 6-7 months, I’ve visually seen great results from being consistent in the gym.  At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve hit a plateau.  My main focus is to lose body fat and then move on to strength and muscle building because I know it’s hard to do both at the same time.  Since I am trying to lose body fat, I probably won’t be making progress in terms of muscle and strength gains due to being at a caloric deficit, correct?  I’m really just asking what I should do at this point to get over this plateau.


     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Thanks a ton Miguel, I’m psyched that you’re here! I answered your question in a separate topic here. Check it out and let me know if you have any follow ups, I threw in a bunch of sample workouts.

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Hey Ross, I threw your questions into a separate thread. They’re up here.



    First off I want to say thank you for creating this website and this opportunity for learning and having a community of other fitness lovers come together. My name is Noah Nelson and I am from Ozark, Missouri but am currently going to Oklahoma Baptist in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I am currently pursuing a major in Exercise Science with an emphasis in personal training/strength and conditioning in hopes to eventually be a strength and conditioning coach or work with people in the fitness industry. I have always been interested and involved in fitness and enjoy all the Leanitup has done to expand my knowledge and workouts. Thanks!

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Hey Noah — awesome to have you to here. If you ever have any questions about anything, let me know. Looking forward to seeing you around.


     STORM Bond 

    Dear Bryan DiSanto,

    I’m living in the Netherlands and was really fascinated by your article about The 30 best fruits in the world. Now I want to write about this ranking and I would like to use the information in that article. I won’t copy the text but could I use the data? Ofcourse I will give you the credits and I will include a link to your site (to leanitup and to the article directly as well).

    Thank you in advance,



     STORM Bond 

    @Bryan (LIUP) Are you still active or is there another way to get in touch with you?  See my question above! Thnx

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Hey Storm — sorry for the delay getting back to you. Glad you liked the article, thanks for the kind words.

    Feel free to use the data, please just include a link to the original article.




    Uh, yeah, I kinda disappeared, but I’m back now! ^^

    I’ve been looking into suspension training recently and any and every opinion/experience anyone is willing to share is very welcome. I’d like to incorporate suspension training into my general routine of 2x/week weights + 3x/week cardio + 1x/week yoga. I’m willing to sub one of the strength trainings with a suspension one, but first and foremost, is it worth it? Benefits, drawbacks, personal experience, is it wise to start it on my own without a trainer present?

    P.S.: Feel free to move this if it’ll spark a longer discussion. I just felt like maybe not many people would be interested enough for a new topic. :)

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