[WOTM,08/2013] The Newbie’s Workout Plan


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     Ashlyn Cancellieri 

    Hey Bryan,

    I just found your “HELP ME! I Have No Idea What The Hell I’m Doing” Newbie’s Workout Plan and had a quick question: I only have 3 days/week where I have the time to work out. Will it still work if I do: Day 1 - Workout A, Day 2 - Workout B, Day 3 - Workout A…Day 1 of the next week - Workout B? (I bike 8 miles to and from class everyday, which is in total about 50 mins with hills, so I figured I would not add additional cardio in on workout days)


     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Hey Ashlyn!

    Absolutely. Workouts A & B are definitely your priorities, so focus on those with the time you do have to workout. Your biking more than makes up for the cardio day.

    Follow that for a few weeks/month and monitor your progress. If you feel like you want to speed things up, try adding 1-2 HIIT sessions per week. Other than that you should be set!

    - Bryan


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