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    What’s goin in dude. I had a couple questions.

    1. I am at the point where I’ve got the consistency down for meal preppin. Yay. So what are some recommendations on good protein powder? I hear that there’s alot of bogus you can buy from various stores. What do you recommend and why?

    2. I have heard potatoes are a starchy poor choice for carbohydrates. I know sweet potatoes are good. But others not so much. What about Russet Potatoes? I see alot of websites promoting those in meal preps.

    3. So I have been an organic chicken man for a minute. Specifically the brand smart chicken. Idk if you have heard of em or think highly of them. I wanted to know what you think? And in addition to that what are concerns for my health going the route of other brands that pump chickens out in an assembly line. Obviously there’s a price difference. 4.00/lb vs 10.00/lb. If I’m trying to consume roughly a lb a day to get 66 grams in, it can get kinda costly. Granted I am concerned about my health, I want to live long, and have good muscle recovery. Can you let me know why I should or shouldn’t proceed in buying organic? I do notice a huge quality difference from our default brand vs smart chicken. I can tell that Breast is Lean quality meat and the other stuff is pretty watered down. But anyway I want your opinion for a guy whose pumping alot of that out into his meals.

    Thanks bry.

    Love from the mitten,


    The title was complex carbs (auto correct)

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Whats up J —

    I’ll answer everything in order.

    1. Give this article a read — it’s older, but it addresses the entire protein market/dilemma directly, and I tore up the top 150+ powders in the process. In short, it’ll depend on your personal use case and dietary tolerances (e.g. lactose intolerance), but I love and personally use Nutrafusion NitroFusion and NOW Unflavored Isolate (primarily for smoothies).

    My recos and the purchase links are all in the article. DEFINITELY get your protein online, GNC/Vit Shoppe are a massive rip off.


    2. Shoot for sweet potatoes or yams as your first priority, but russet potatoes aren’t that far behind nutritionally (the major difference is vitamin A content). Personally, I only eat potatoes—of any kind—on occasion, but from a meal prep PoV they’re a very solid option.


    3. IMO buying organic chicken isn’t critical at all, or necessarily worth it. Grass-fed beef (when I eat beef) and wild caught fish are the two types of meat I’ll splurge for — that’s because their environment and diet directly impact the nutrition content and mercury content (for fish).

    Sure it tastes better, and yes it’s probably slightly healthier in terms of antibiotics/pesticides — but from a purely nutritional PoV, organic doesn’t provide much of a difference. Don’t feel like you need to pay the premium, I very rarely do unless it’s on sale.


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