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    Hey Bryan,

    I’m really not sure where to post but for some reason I’m having trouble accessing some of the workouts you’ve posted. Specifically I am interested in the WOTM 11/2014 The 4 Day Muscle Thrashing Program. I am able to open the first page but then can not access workouts B, C, or D. I use your site often and have not encountered this before. How can I access the other days for this plan as well as some of the other workouts the won’t open at all?

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Hey Tee — I moved this to it’s own topic just to make things simpler.

    I just checked the 11/2014 WOTM and it’s loading each workout (B/C/D) for me. Try giving it another shot — we’ve had a few tech issues lately, so it’s possible that was the problem. Everything should be up and running now without any issues.

    Let me know how you make out, and thanks for bringing this up!


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