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     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Gabriel asked:

    “I am incredibly active for my job and because most of our down time is spent doing something active or getting hammered because of the lack of activities on the island. I lift every single day, with the basic isometric splits i.e back and bi, chest and tris, leg day is twice a week. I log anywhere between 15-35 miles a week running (I keep my miles to a sub 7 pace) and swim in either the pool or ocean two or three times a week. I know what you’re thinking, that this is too much to see positive results or that my body doesn’t have time to heal, but just for discussions sake I need help figuring out what my caloric consumption needs to be to continue to burn fat without causing my body to go catabolic and start burning muscles as a energy source.”

    I won’t comment on your activity level, but as for caloric consumption, I need a few details:

    • age
    • weight
    • height
    • body fat %, if you have it

    Once I have that I can definitely give you a number.

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    206  lbs

    74 inches

    maybe 7%

    I also do a pretty consistent job of getting one gram of protein per lb of lean muscle. I don’t eat fried or fatty foods, my diet is pretty clean. The bulk of my carbs comes from oatmeal or rice I make. I’m just concerned I’m under eating to maintain fat loss and just chasing my tail over here.


     Andrew Walters 

    How do you calculate body fat %?


    I got measured at nine percent by my personal trainer when I was back in Texas about six months ago, and I’ve leaned out a good amount since then, so I ball parked my number. He used capiliers and an app on his Iphone to determine my percentage. I’m going to use a DEXA scan when I go home next.

     Bryan (LIUP) 

    Gabriel — considering how much you’re exercising, your maintenance level is right around 3,800 calories/day. Eat at that level, see how you feel/respond, and then adjust from there.


    Andrew — any trainer or fitness pro at your gym should be able to take it for you, either with calipers or a BEI machine. I’d honestly just get your own Omron body fat monitor to have at home, it’s so much more useful than a scale and only runs ~$30 bucks. Really easy to use on your own without much error.

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