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Dietary supplements represent one of the fastest growing industries in the entire economy. According to the Nutritional Business Journal the industry produced $32 billion in revenue in 2012, and that number is projected to jump to $60 billion by 2021. The fact that the supplement industry is so large isn’t necessarily an issue, except for that fact that much of its success is based on misinformation, half-truths, and sexy advertising.

As a consumer looking to improve one’s health and fitness, it’s extremely challenging to sift through the information overload and determine if a supplement is safe and effective. Most of the best information is found in primary research, which can be very daunting to review without a strong scientific background. Even if you gather up the courage to do a search on PubMed (one of the main databases of scientific research) for “creatine” there are nearly 50,000 results, many of which are likely not very helpful.

So what is one to do? Certainly trusting the claims made by supplement companies is risky, as their goal is to sell you a product…of course they’re going to tell you their product is safe and effective. Fortunately there is an independent, unbiased source that has analyzed all of the relevant research (33,000+ references) on hundreds of the most popular supplement ingredients. That way you don’t have to.

That source is It offers a ton of FREE information and allows you to search the name of any particular ingredient, which quickly spits out any/all of the relevant information. For instance if you search creatine, you will find an extremely organized, well-researched overview of the ingredient and any relevant science; including dosing, effects, safety, etc. with over 700 references! It even evaluates all relevant claims that’ve popped up in scientific literature (e.g. creatine and power output), grades their validity, and provides any supporting research. But for the average person, even information like that can be a bit overwhelming.

Just recently they came out with an exceptional product they called Stack Guides, which are essentially e-books with any relevant supplement information tailored towards a specific goal. The Stack Guides have topics such as: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance, Heart Health, Mood & Depression, Libido & Sexual Enhancement and many others. They were created with the average person in mind—so they’re easy to read—without losing any pertinent scientific information.

For some the cost may seem a little steep at $49 for a single Stack Guide or $149 for all 16 guides. The bottom line is that without full knowledge of the latest science it’s impossible to maximize your supplementation benefits; not to mention the potential cost savings for cutting out supplements that aren’t backed by research. If you’re serious about supplementation to support a specific goal (e.g. improved sleep quality), it’s a fantastic all-in-one resource.

And if you’re a researcher, scientist, or supplement geek they also have another product, the Supplement-Goals Reference, which is a 1000+ page document with raw data on hundreds of supplements.

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Joshua Nackenson

Joshua Nackenson

Contributing Author at Lean It UP
Joshua Nackenson, CSCS, is a medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine with a passion for all things related to fitness and nutrition.

His primary athletic focus is powerlifting, where he competes in the 165lb and 181lb weight classes. In between powerlifting training and competitions, he stays fit by competing in local 5ks and Tough Mudder events.
Joshua Nackenson
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